Price List

Please read below for a rough guideline on prices but don’t panic! The designer prides herself on being affordable.

  • For an order of over 5 dresses (bridal parties), a £5 per dress discount will be given.
  • All main fabric, alterations and fittings are included in the prices unless you would like a severe design change once the dress has been made.
  • Prices are dependant on which fabric is used as some is more expensive than others.
  • As I design your dress from scratch and can personalise it to suit your needs please be aware that little details could incur an extra cost.

Plain fitted gowns: £90-£160

Sequin tops, plain skirts: £150-£190

Lace tops, plain skirts: £160-£210

Beaded lace tops, plain skirts: £180-£250

All sequins: £180

All glitter: £200

All lace: £200-£270

All beaded lace: £400-£600

All beaded: £600-£800

Pleated flowing gowns: £150-£200

Sequin top, flowing skirts: £160-£200

Lace top, flowing skirts: £170-£220

Beaded lace top, flowing skirts: £190-£250

Plain gathered tulle dresses: £150-£170

A-line dress (full skirts): £150-£250

Lace top, A-line skirt: £180-£280

Beaded lace top, A-line skirt: £200-£350